The department offers these basic undergraduate history programs: the history major leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree, available in the regular major and the teaching certification track; and the history minor.


The regular major, based on the Arts and Sciences Core, offers students the flexibility to pursue their historical interests while gaining a wide-ranging foundation.

Students who choose to major in history must:

1. Successfully complete three required courses:

HSTY 113: Introduction to Modern World History
HSTY 250: Issues and Methods in History
HSTY 398: Senior Research Seminar

2. Successfully complete seven electives. These must include one course in U.S. history, one course in pre-modern history, and one course each in at least 2 other, different geographic areas. Each course can only fulfill one requirement.

Honors: Majors are recommended for graduation with Department honors for superior performance in History, including the 398 senior seminar, by action of the faculty.


The Department of History also offers a minor to interested students. Please note that a Minor in history, consisting of five (5) courses, fulfills the Humanities and Social Sciences Sequence requirement of the Case School of Engineering Core Curriculum. All students in the Case School of Engineering and Arts and Sciences Cores are invited to complete a Minor in history.

Students who choose to minor in history must complete 15 hours, consisting of five courses in history. At least one course must be above the 100-level. Students pursuing a minor are encouraged to take courses across a variety of fields.


Students who wish to pursue a career in medicine with a history major must successfully complete a history major as well as take the pre-medicine courses outlined here.


Students wishing to obtain a J.D. after their undergraduate degree have many options based on where their interests lie and what career path they wish to pursue. See this pdf for initial instructions and advice, and an example schedule.