Undergraduate Prizes and Awards, 1993-2018

                       DONALD GROVE BARNES AWARD: to a senior for excellence in research and writing of history


2019 Sierra Lipscomb 2018 Rebecca Trickey 2017 Preston Williams
2016 Nicholas Poe 2015 Dustin Likens 2014 No prize awarded
2013 Alex Avdakov and Andrew Slivka 2012 Elliot Schwartz 2011 Evan Cook, Aaron Byers, and Yi (Tristan) Chen
2010 Paul Niebrzydowski and Peter Keirn 2009 Jeanette deGuire and Christopher Denzel 2008 Jeff Lowry
2007 Steven Pieragastini 2006 James Carlson 2005 Adam Nilson and Blake Driscoll
2004 Elizabeth Badziong and Loretta Neal 2003 Marc Goodwin and Brandon Eilertson 2002 Yair Gozal
2001 Dwayne Simpson 2000 Abel Donka 1999 Rebecca L. Risley
1998 Stephen Zibrat 1997 Stephan Schlegelmilch 1996 Gregory Smith
1995 Andreas Petropouleas 1994 Beth McDermott 1993 Charles Koepke


                                      CLARENCE H. CRAMER AWARD: for excellence in research and writing of history


2019 Christopher Cannon & Sean Stevens 2018 Jordan Liff and Hannah Pomerantz 2017 Michael Sorice
2016 Francesca Langer 2015 Theodore Eisenberg and Emerson Bodde 2014 Nicholas Poe
2013 Brandon Riedlinger 2012 Andrew Slivka 2011 Joseph Verbovszky and Mark Zucker
2010 Evan Cook and Gillian Seaman 2009 Mirela Turc and Sarah Byrd 2008 Laura Ansley and David (Wei) Wu
2007 Jessica Agus and Patricia Marvel 2006 Graham Steffen 2005 James Carlson and Christopher Thomas
2004 Matthew Greenfield 2003 Steven Edwards 2002 Joshua Levit
2001 Zachary Simmons 2000 Jason Aring and Janice Poling 1999 Daniel K. Williams
1998 Rivka Press 1997 Walid Kutayli and Peg Koelble 1996 Melissa Bien and Nickolas Brienza
1995 Joanna Maniglia 1994 Cliona Jennings 1993 (graduate student)


     ANNIE SPENCER CUTTER PRIZE: to a senior for outstanding achievement in history (by custom to a woman)


2019 Andrew Gliebe & Hannah Pomerantz 2018 Tasha Jhangiani and Christine Scherer 2017 Daliah Greenwald
2016 Kari Floyd-Kaluza 2015 Maria Madison 2014 No prize awarded
2013 No prize awarded 2012 Emily Sparks 2011 Kathryn Goldberg
2010 Victoria Konold and Mirela Turc 2009 Mieon Han and Katie Schaub 2008 Jessica Agus
2007 Justin Hemenway 2006 Rebecca Willson 2005 Karen Graber
2004 Hannah Stern 2003 Kathryn O’Keefe 2002 Colleen Peppard
2001 Janice Poling 2000 No prize awarded 1999 Tracy G. Williams
1998 Annemarie Strassel 1997 Michelle Boucher 1996 Joanna Maniglia
1995 Cliona Jennings 1994 Erin Craven and Jenifer Layman 1993 Anjali Rao


                                SIGMA PSI PRIZE IN HONOR OF ELBERT J. BENTON: for excellence in history


2019 Susan Howard & Emma Risley 2018 Claire Howard and Anna (Riley) Simko 2017 Rebecca Trickey and Hannah Pomerantz
2016 Hayley Rassuchine 2015 Daliah Greenwald, Emily Kugel, and David Brunk 2014 Hayley Rassuchine and Emerson Bodde
2013 Emile Katz and Dustin Likens 2012 Kaitlyn Kooser, Elizabeth Vitale, Mark Zucker 2011 Gillian Seaman
2010 Elliot Schwartz and Paul Sequiera 2009 Amy Brown, David (Wei) Wu, and Laura Ansley 2008 Ashley Solomon and Joshua Alvarez
2007 Stefanie Ash 2006 Christopher Thomas 2005 Kellie Watkins
2004 Jennifer Spreng 2003 Matthew Greenfield and Jason Grossman 2002 Jason Schlabach and Kristopher Waller
2001 Jason Habig, Colleen Peppard, Susan Turk 2000 Stephanie Thomas 1999 Angela Brightman and Sarah Coles
1998 Peg Koelble and Nicole Pecora 1997 Meenoo Mishra and Joseph Parrino 1996 Michael Harding and James Madigan
1995 John Lucci 1994 Risa Weaver 1993 Jenifer Layman


                                                    JOHN HALL STEWART PRIZE: for excellence in historical studies


2016Rebecca Trickey2015Nicholas Poe, Preston Williams, and Hayley Rassuchine2014Rachel Sosnowchik and Dustin Likens

2019 Benjamin Bulpitt 2018 Liam LeBlanc 2017 Celia Wan
2013 Elizabeth Vitale 2012 Madison Ivan and Joseph Verbovszky 2011 Elliot Schwartz and Emily Sparks
2010 Eugene Alexander Shippey and Caitlin Cipiccio 2009 Katie Callahan and Jim Meehan 2008 Ciera Herron
2007 James Meehan and Ashley Solomon 2006 Sean Warsch 2005 James Garrison and Sean Warsch
2004 Jennifer Tomich and James Carlson 2003 Elizabeth Russo, Jennifer Spreng, and Hannah Stern 2002 Brandon Eilertson and Kathryn O’Keefe
2001 Stephanie Thomas 2000 Timothy Gustafson 1999 Simon Jenner and Lauren Kata
1998 Joseph Parrino 1997 Nicole Pecora and Daniel Williams 1996 Andrea Westcot and Jason Kuznicki
1995 William Daroff and Risa Weaver 1994 Gregory Smith 1993 Jason Cartwright


                                             THE HISTORY DEPARTMENT AWARD: for exceptional achievement


2019 Liam LeBlanc & Sierra Lipscomb 2018 Rebecca Trickey 2017 No prize awarded
2016 Emerson Bodde 2015 No prize awarded 2014 Elizabeth Vitale
2013 Mark Zucker and Madison Ivan 2012 Gillian Seaman 2011 Katherine Callahan and Caitlin Cipicchio
2010 Andrew Wolf, Laura Ansley, and Gilad Salomon 2009 Ashley Solomon 2008 Stephanie Ash and Amy Rohmiller
2007 Graham Steffen 2006 James Garrison 2005 Elizabeth Russo and Jennifer Spreng
2004 Elizabeth Russo 2003 Jason Schlabach 2002 Jason Habig and Susan Turk
2001 Timothy Gustafson 2000 Sarah Coles 1999 Shiloh Krupar
1998 Jason Kuznicki and Andrea Westcott


Guidelines for Prizes and Honors


Guidelines for prizes have been the stated criterion listed for each (two are reserved for seniors, and Cutter by tradition has gone to a senior woman); guidelines for commencement honors have been senior standing scheduled for May graduation, a 3.40 history GPA, and a 3.20 overall GPA. The GPA requirements that apply for Phi Alpha Theta invitation are a 3.00 overall and 3.20 in history.