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Title Specializations
Molly Berger Instructor, Department of History; Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences American Social and Cultural History; History of American Technology
John Broich Associate Professor of History British Empire
Daniel Cohen Associate Professor of History and Director of Graduate Studies Early American History 
Ananya Dasgupta Assistant Professor of History modern South Asian history
John H. Flores Assistant Professor of History and Climo Junior Professor Mexican American History; History of Immigration; Labor
Jia-Chen Fu Assistant Professor of History History of Modern China; History of Medicine; Cultural History
Jay H. Geller Samuel Rosenthal Professor of Judaic Studies and Associate Professor of History History of Modern Europe; German History and Jewish History 
John Grabowski Krieger-Mueller Associate Professor in Applied History at CWRU and Historian and Senior Vice President for Research and Publications at WRHS Public History/Museum Studies; Ethnic History and Urban History 
David C. Hammack Hiram C. Haydn Professor of History U.S. Social History, Urban History
Kenneth F. Ledford Associate Professor of History and Law History of Modern Germany; European Legal History 
Miriam Levin Professor of History, Secondary Appointment in Art and Art History Industrial History; History of European and French Technology 
Alan Rocke Henry Eldridge Bourne Professor of History and Distinguished University Professor History of Science
Jonathan Sadowsky Dr. Theodore J. Castele Associate Professor of Medical History and Chair History of Africa; Comparative History; Medical History
Renee Sentilles Associate Professor of History History of American Women; American Studies; Cultural History 
Peter Shulman Assistant Professor of History History of Technology; History of Energy; Environmental History; History of U.S. Foreign Relations 
Ted Steinberg Adeline Barry Davee Distinguished Professor of History & Professor of Law U.S. Environmental; Social History; Legal History
Elizabeth Todd Lecturer, Department of History Medieval History; History of Christianity
Gillian Weiss Associate Professor of History and Director of Undergraduate Studies History of Early Modern France; Mediterranean History; Comparative Slaveries 
Rhonda Y. Williams Associate Professor of History and Director, Social Justice Institute American History, African American History, History of Race and Gender 

Visiting Faculty and Lecturers

Title Specializations
Cookie Woolner Postdoctoral Fellow in African-American Studies African-American History, Women's Studies

Associated Faculty

Title Specializations
James Edmonson Adjunct Associate Professor and Chief Curator, Dittrick Medical History Center History of Medicine
Gladys Haddad Adjunct Professor of American Studies and Director, Western Reserve Studies Symposium American Studies; Northeast Ohio History
Patricia Princehouse Director, Program in Evolutionary Biology, & Outreach Director, Institute for the Science of Origins History & Philosophy of Science, History of Ideas, Cultural Studies, Evolutionary Biology
Rachel Sternberg Associate Professor Greek history; classical tradition; history of emotion; human rights
John Vacha Adjunct Assistant Professor and Director, History Day, District 3