As of the 2016-17 Academic Year, the History Department will no longer award college credit for Advanced Placement (AP) exams. Students who entered CWRU before that date with scores of 5 will receive three semester hours of college credit, applicable to the total number of credits required for graduation as well as to any major, minor, or sequence in history. AP credit may not be applied to the HSTY 113 Introduction to Modern World History core course. Credit by way of AP examination in U.S. history is given for HSTY 256 American Political History or in European history for HSTY 105 Introduction to Modern European History, 1750-present.

Students seeking HSTY credit for courses taken at other institutions, whether in the United States or abroad must consult the Undergraduate Director.

  • For courses at foreign universities, students should follow the procedures outlined by the Office for Education Abroad. All requests for evaluation must be accompanied by the relevant form and a full course syllabus.

Please note that the History Department does not grant credit for online courses.