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Other Specializations

In addition to the specialized SHP and STEM programs, the Department of History also offers a general Ph.D. in history, allowing students to specialize in any geographical, temporal, or topical area of history adequately covered by departmental faculty. In the past, this general program has been largely restricted to students pursuing topics in U.S. history (including American women’s history, African-American history, U.S. cultural history, and the history of social movements), but the gradual expansion of the department now allows us to support Ph.D. work in certain comparative or non-U.S. fields. All prospective graduate applicants are encouraged to examine the research specialties of departmental faculty before applying to the program.

For Further Information . . .

The Department’s graduate director is Professor Ted Steinberg┬áto whom inquiries should be directed.

Page last modified: January 9, 2018