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Current Graduate Students


Name Specialization Email
Davis Allen Environmental History; Agricultural History; History of Capitalism
John Baden US Modern; Immigration; Afghan-American
Halle Bauer US Modern History, Women’s History; Queer History
Daniel Belczak US Modern; Cultural History
Sherri Bolcevic Women’s History; the War of 1812; Jacksonian Era
Ryan Chamberlain US Modern; Cultural History
Hsiao-Ling Chen
Sanford Clark History of Science and Technology
Nathan Delaney Business History; Environmental History; Global History of Capitalism
Sam Duncan US Modern; Global History; Environmental History
Joe Filous Early US, Religion, Higher Education
Jianhong Guo  History of China; Mission to China
Jon (Corey) Hazlett US Modern; Environmental History, Capitalism
Stephanie Liscio US Modern; Sports History; African-American History
Yuan Liu
Michael Metsner US and the World; Modern Russia; Cultural History
Sara Kristina Montagno 19th and 20th Century American History; History of Cleveland and the Western Reserve
Naomi Rendina US Modern; History of Medicine
Norman Rose History of Appalachia; Early American History; Modern American History
Katherine Schaub History of Science; History of Medicine; US Modern
Meghan Schill 19th Century America, History of Race, and Women’s History
Katie Schroeder History of Medicine, Environmental History, Death Studies
Carolyn Elizabeth Slebodnik
Emily Sparks Women’s & Gender History and US History
Tiffany Marie Walker Political History of African American Women; Urban History; US Modern History


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