Guardians of Traffic
March on Washington
Bauernführer Jäcklein Rohrbach
Napoleon Banner
Flag Making
Coaling Station
Schoenen Gruss
Diego Rivera
Berlin 1900


Dissertations in Progress

Eric Kendall
"Diverging Wilsonianisms: Liberal Internationalism, the Peace Movement, and the Ambiguous Legacy of Woodrow Wilson"

Recently Completed Dissertations

Aaron Alcorn
"Modeling Behavior: Boys, Engineers, and the Model Airplane in American Culture"

Lyz Bly
"Connecting Waves: Radical Feminists and Riot Grrrls"

Catherine Borchert
"Exscinded: The Old School-New School Schism of 1837 and the Presbytery of Cleveland"

Ben Sperry
"Mississippians in the Middle: The White 'Moderate' and Race Change in the Magnolia State, 1945-1956"