Elizabeth Todd

Part-time Lecturer


Mather House 311


Dr. Todd has enjoyed teaching history at Case Western Reserve University since 1994. She received her B.A. from CWRU, and her M.A. and PhD. from Ohio State University. Every fall she teaches Introduction to Medieval History (500-1500 CE). Dr. Todd’s other courses include Introduction to Byzantine History (300-1453 CE), The Early Church (1-450 CE), and Reformation Europe (1500-1650). Other courses focus on specific topics of interest in Western Medieval History, such as The Crusades, Medieval Heresy, and the Vikings, as well as Ancient & Medieval Spain (prehistory to 1492). Some courses are cross-listed with the Classics or Religious Studies departments. Dr. Todd has also given SAGES seminar courses on Reformation Europe and the Polar Regions in History. She is currently exploring the implementation of papal reform and pastoral care in 13th-century France.

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