Davis Allen



PhD Candidate Department of History

M.A., History, Case Western Reserve University, 2016
B.S., Sustainable Development (Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture),
History Minor, Appalachian State University, 2013
Field of Study:
U.S. Environmental History, History of Capitalism, Agricultural History, and Southern History.
Selected Conference Papers & Presentations:
“A Natural Improvement: Wetland Drainage, Privatization, and the Origins of the Swamp Land Acts,”
Agricultural History Society
(Washington, D.C.; June 6-8, 2019)
“Conservation Competition: Perspectives on Agricultural Drainage During the New Deal Era,”
Southern Forum on Agricultural, Rural, and Agricultural History
(Rice University; Houston, TX; Feb. 10-11, 2017)
About Davis:
Davis is a PhD candidate in the department of history studying the relationship between capitalism, the environment, and class. Born in North Carolina, he studied agroecology and sustainable agriculture at Appalachian State University before coming to CWRU. His dissertation project examines the privatization of public land and wetland drainage in the mid-nineteenth century, highlighting the role of the state in the promotion of an ideology of agricultural improvement, environmental change, and the enclosure of the commons.