Jianhong Guo



MA Candidate Department of History
Bachelor of Economics in International Finance, Renmin University of China
Field of Study:
Sino-US cultural interchange; Chinese history; Economic history; Missionaries in China
Selected Conference Papers & Presentations:
“Some Experience Learned from the Hong Kong Retail Banking”, The Banking Society (Volume14, No.3, 2007); “Promoting Retail Banking Service Process: Reengineering & Facilitating a New Development Pattern of the Sub-branch” ( the First Prize winner in the internal essay competition of CMBC Shenzhen, 2008 )
About Jianhong:
Graduated from Renmin University of China majoring in International Finance, I had been working as a commercial bank manager in Shenzhen, China. But I am always actively curious to explore the unknown, to find the truth, to think independently. And I discovered my enthusiasm for history which was deeply rooted in my childhood. My hometown Swatow was an early treaty port where the West met the East with conflict and accommodation. Also because of illness, I decided to start my new career in historical research. I am interested in Sino-US cultural interchange, Chinese history, economic history, Missionary in China, etc.