Margaret Garhart

Mather House

PhD Candidate Department of History

Undergraduate: University of Maryland, College Park; BA in History and Government and Politics
Masters: University of Maryland, College Park; Masters in Secondary Social Studies Education

Research Field: Social History and Policy; History Education

Dissertation Topic: Changes in Secondary U.S. History Education Curriculum Development

About Margaret: Margaret Garhart is a History PhD Candidate for Case Western Reserve. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland, focusing on social-cultural changes in history and a genocide specialty in Government and Politics. While there she traveled to Sweden to research civil conflict at the University of Uppsala, and worked under Dr. William Reed in topics concerning civil conflict prevention. She then went on to teach and earn a Masters in Education at the University of Maryland, focusing on Secondary Social Studies. After teaching for several more years, Margaret has returned to complete ha PhD, focusing on the History of the Modern U.S. Education system.