Tim Nguyen




MBA, The Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
MPA, The School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University
MA, Brown University
MA, The Yale Divinity School, Yale University
BA, University of Houston


Gregg Fisher, Tim Nguyen, and Cristian Tiu, “Risk Budgeting”, in Investment Risk
Management, UK: Oxford Press, 2015
Benton Giap, Tim Nguyen, Spencer Jaffe, Voltaire Escalona, Paul Hunter, “Get What
You Pay For: Concierge Medicine as a New Health Care Service Delivery Model,” Brain
Injury, vol. 12, Issue 2, 2015

About Tim:

After working several years in the private sector, I have decided to return to the
educational arena to pursue a doctorate degree in management and a doctorate degree
in history. Upon graduation from CWRU, I would like to teach business and history (of
and about STEM) under/graduate courses at a university or college.