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World History

The history department invites majors and non-majors to study the history of various regions of the world with our nationally and internationally acclaimed research faculty. In addition to our foundational world history course, we offer a range of courses in comparative and transnational history, as well as courses that focus on a particular country or region of the world. By studying the history of one or more of these regions, students gain a better understanding of historical processes that transcend national boundaries and of the historical roots of contemporary interactions among diverse global cultures.

Faculty by Region:

Africa: Jonathan Sadowsky

Asia: Jia-Chen Fu

Europe: John Broich, Jay Geller, Kenneth Ledford, Miriam Levin, Alan Rocke, Elizabeth Todd, Gillian Weiss

Latin America: Marixa Lasso

U.S.-International Relations: Peter Shulman, John Flores

Page last modified: December 10, 2014